A Pet Owner Hack Perfect for Shedding Season

We love our pets like family, but sometimes their shedding can be a bit much (for instance, when furry tumbleweeds start rolling through the house like a scene out of a western).

Sweeping it up is easy enough, but by the time we get around to cleaning it off our furniture, there’s practically an impenetrable layer clinging to the fabric that feels impossible to remove.

Here’s a little trick that, if incorporated into your daily routine, can help you stay on top of shedding (and it only takes 2 minutes):

  • Dampen some paper towel and wrap it around your hand.
  • Swipe the damp paper towel across the surface of your furniture, lifting your hand upward at the end of each stroke.
  • Repeat this process until your furniture is fur-free (it should only take a couple sheets to finish the job.)
  • Let your furniture’s fabric dry before sitting down.

Next time, you won’t have such a big job ahead and can fly through the task quickly.