Most of us grew up hearing about, or participating in, “spring cleaning.” Everything outside is fresh and new, so why not your house too? The problem I have with deep cleaning, organizing, and household projects in the spring is that it’s not
So you’re hosting an upcoming holiday. No matter the reason, think of us as your online support system. We’re here to help you not only make a meal that people will still be talking about next year, but also ensure
Put in the dishwasher: Some containers are dishwasher safe, so check the bottom of your container or the brand’s website to make sure. Wash it with warm soapy water: Pour out any leftover liquid, add a few drops of dishwashing
Cleaning windows is a chore for many homeowners. Some just ignore the fact that their windows are dirty, while others spend money on professional window washers. Fortunately, here are some window cleaning tips you can use to make washing your
You’ve heard them all before: “Toads give you warts. Cheese gives you nightmares. Chocolate gives you acne.” They’re urban myths and for the most part, they’re purely fictitious. But lo and behold, many of these old superstitions are still confused